Marketing is of great importance in business life. In the meantime, a well-thought-out marketing plan is your path to success. Your path to serenity goes through action according to a timetable and a well-thought-out plan.

Why do marketing projects cause so much frustration?

Personally, I highlight the 5 most common obstacles that hinder the implementation of the project:

Each of these obstacles can be overcome in different ways. Allow me to share my experience with you.

ambiguity in marketing

The overall goal is a very important step in planning and achieving the end result, and also contributes to effective and successful marketing management in general. The absence of a clear objective can jeopardize any project. Frustration, frustration, confusion and disorganization too frequent because of not understanding how and what the company must achieve, since there are no clear indicators defined over a given period.

Where does the lack of clear marketing results come from?

One of the reasons is communication errors such as ambiguity and unclear goals. Bad communication also between the services. Here it is important to understand the reasons for the management and to facilitate the interaction between the services as much as possible. There is never too much communication within a department or between departments. Don't confuse communication with endless meetings. Always send the agenda before the meeting.

Design resources are all that is needed to do the job: people and tools.

People and tools are the most common resources for marketing projects. Unfortunately, resources alone are not enough, you have to work as a team – in vain, in one direction only. Your marketer doesn't have an Instagram account? (Yes, I know of such cases!) Then you are in trouble. Does one of your marketing copywriters take two weeks off right before a campaign starts? Then you are right to panic.

Solution: plan ahead. Estimate resources (people, tools, materials, time, etc.). Look for gaps in your planning and fix them early. Ask your team to create a project plan - you'll be surprised how many things you've forgotten.

No time - where does it come from?

There is another type of resource needed for the project, I mean time. Projects take time. But when you and your team are juggling many large projects, time becomes your most valuable resource. Every project, including marketing, has significant value, so time management is essential for any marketing project manager. Fast approaching deadlines reduce the maximum available time we have to effectively complete a task.

Solution: Estimate the time required for all dimensions of your projects using appropriate methods. The evaluation must be as objective as possible and complex projects must be better discussed with the team.

Marketing needs to be creative and flexible, so there's no need to plan!

As the saying goes, “Failing to plan is planning to fail”.

Sometimes marketing projects don't get all the information and based on that they plan the best case scenario and create backup plans which may not be true. Be clear about the project needs, plan the scope, involve other viewers, and make sure the planning is as comprehensive as possible.

The higher the difficulty, the greater the glory

Obstacle. barriers. problems. Disinformation. Whatever you call them, it's a fact of life and work. No matter what company you work for, you will eventually meet them. In small companies often, more often and faster than in large companies, there is a paradox. Managing your marketing projects almost guarantees that you will overcome all five obstacles.