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Would you like your website to go viral in France?

French SEO Team is a French search engine optimization and viral marketing company who specialise in boosting your position with French search engines ( being our main focus for French websites and being our main focus for Canadian websites).

Our services include SEO for France, Canada and other French speaking countries including French article writing and submission, with guaranteed articles placed in 10 or more French article directories.

Viral marketing is all about creating dynamic, interesting content that encourages visitors to stay on your website, link to it and tell other people about it.

We achieve this by designing websites that are attractive, stylish and professional, with great Design Optimization - creating websites that look good and present the right message to your target audience.  We also write original French and English content, including articles for your site, to ensure that when people reach your website it has relevant, impactful content.

The French articles will be written by a fluent French speaker and distributed to 20 or more French article sites, with a guarantee that 10 or more article directories will accept them.

Our other link building services include generating high PageRank French links from other main stream websites, via targetted link exchange requests (you will never have to add outgoing links to your website as part of this).

SEO or search engine optimization is all about getting search engines to notice your site and place it higher in the search results.  Viral marketing, article distribution and high quality links are all an essential part of this.

We also ensure content we provide for websites has great search engine optimization - including the right keywords the right number of times in all the crucial elements of your site - metatags, text, titles, words in bold, links, etc. etc.

To discuss your French SEO and viral marketing requirements, please contact the French SEO Team
in France on +33 467 02 48 79 or in London on +44 208 1234 618.


How to develop a flexible marketing strategy

Customisable branding is the key to quick and successful marketing


The ability to give your product, service and company a unique image through branding and marketing is one that is in the forefront of the modern businessman's mind, especially as much of this promotional activity now occurs online and has the potential to be be viewed by millions of people over a very short period of time. Viral marketing makes the most of such commercial conditions and spreading your brand into every nook and cranny of the internet will bring many more views to webpages and more attention to  business, however it also emphasises the fact that the audience expect information faster and also expect change and innovation more quickly.

Label printing

With this in mind, even if your business has a strong brand image which has been stable and successful, you will still have to learn how to play the online marketing game, focussing attention onto one particular nuance or another as both the needs of potential customers and the business subtly change over time. But speaking of time, these changes, although subtle, may not be gradual; the power of search engines to spread a brand quickly also means that new marketing messages and brand images need to be devised with the utmost flexibility.


One increasingly popular of achieving this, especially for manufacturing businesses whose products are physically packaged and distributed, is by investing in the hardware and software to create new branded packaging quickly. Label printers are an excellent way of doing this, allowing custom label designs to be printed on demand, per order; innovative label printing software can even be set up to print different labels for the same products all in the same printing run, allowing different customers to experience tailored branding.  Quick Label's Facebook profile has some good examples and photos of this.


Whether online or on the shop floor, the physical and digital nature of modern marketing demands speed and flexibility.  Investing in modern technology can only improve this.    





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