Multilingual Article Marketing

Article Submissions

If your business is expanding across several countries, the significance of successful Internet marketing becomes increasingly vital.   Whereas conventional marketing is comparatively straightforward, with the newspapers and magazines with the highest circulation in English, French or Spanish speaking countries, for example, being obvious, the possibilities for making the best use of the worldwide web are massive. 

Navigating the minefield of single language or multi-lingual search engines, each with its own specific criteria and conditions, can be tortuous.  Google and other search engines are also increasingly able to identify duplicate content or ‘spun’ articles generated by automated programmes.

So, how can you make the best use of the opportunity article marketing provides?

The obvious solution is to go to the experts.   Indigoextra is an ethical company that specialises in internet marketing, including offering a guaranteed article writing and submission service in English, French and Spanish.

We have a team of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) specialists who constantly research the most effective ways of helping businesses reach high positions on search engines.   We have found that one of the best methods of achieving this is to submit well-written articles or advertorials to a number of relevant high PageRank websites.

Whether you are seeking to gain new French, English or Spanish speaking customers, we can help.  Our article writers are all native speakers, so there is no potential problem of mis-interpretation.  We know that Google and other search engines value original material, so we do not take shortcuts in our copywriting.   All our articles are unique, informative and have been researched to ensure accurate information.   The text is agreed with you before being submitted to the selected websites and you are kept informed of those that have accepted the articles.  We guarantee a specified number of acceptances, depending on the number of submissions you request.

To make sure the articles are as informative as possible, we will agree the keywords most significant to your business with you and include these an optimal number of times, whilst retaining a natural flow to the text.  The original material we use allows us to include links to internal pages on your site, in addition to the links to the main page.

Our SEO experts also understand the pitfalls of failing to comply with the often changing requirements of the search engines, so ensure that we are completely up-to-date, at all times, with current requirements.   We know that Spanish search engines, for instance, prefer articles written in Spanish, French search engines prefer French articles and English search engines require articles or advertorials in English.   The reason we use fluent native speakers to write the material is to offer you the best chance of success.  After all, no-one is going to be attracted by poorly written or badly translated text.

We are proud to offer this effective SEO service to help you climb up the page rankings.


A Dedicated Page

In addition to multilingual article submissions, we also offer an article or advertorial placement service where we add your article to a dedicated page on a relevant, high PageRank website.

The majority of Indigoextra's dedicated article placements will have the link to your page incorporated into the main menu structure, meaning it will be linked to from every other page on the website, such as that shown below:

This is a premium SEO service and is highly effective for SEO as:

  • The article or advertorial will be 100% relevant to your site, making the page 100% relevant.
  • The site it is on will be related to yours, making the link look natural.
  • We will find a PR2, PR3 or PR4 site to place the article on, giving you a dedicated page on a high PageRank site.
  • As well as boosting your position in search engines, the page will receive visitors too, giving you direct and indirect traffic.
  • All dedicated articles are guaranteed for 12 months.
  • Articles can have a promotional illustration included in them, to give the page additional impact and include an image link to your website.