Today let's clean up all the money in TenChat UPDATE judging by the comments on Item No

You're not a trader - unless you put in your 5 cents when they don't ask you. In short, everyone in fashion conferences says that TenChat is a cool analogue of the banned Facebook, but I hardly believe it. But the numbers speak for me and you can't contradict them.

What is the demand for this social network?

And how do audiences react to content via TenChat?

When TenChat was at its peak and everyone was talking about it, we made checklists of it in Marketing Tools – to be honest, like other social networks, we expected less than a thousand reposts.

And you know what? And nothing! 20,000 views and less than 200 reposts. Although then everyone said what a cool social network and how important it is to immediately drop everything and switch to it.

King's question for you, connoisseurs

The hype has passed, it was time to test this social network. So what are the conclusions?

What has this social network brought you personally (money, prospects, customers, subcontractors)? Or at least cover? Go there for what? And is it worth it?