How has inbound marketing redefined email marketing?

Published on Jul 31


How has inbound marketing redefined email marketing?

The Inception of Inbound Marketing

It was another gorgeous day in Wellington when I first stumbled upon the fascinating world of inbound marketing. Just like the marvelous view of the Cook Strait from my window, inbound marketing also had a particularly alluring charm that drew me in. An unfamiliar construct that suddenly seemed to redefine the entire mechanics of traditional marketing.

Remember, we are not talking about uncharted alien territory here folks, but rather something that has been shaping our interaction with the digital sphere for a while. Inbound Marketing, the brainchild of HubSpot, is all about attracting customers through engaging and helpful content which adds value at different stages in the buyer's journey.

Many might say “Aha, so, it's just another fancy term for content marketing?” Well, is a cream puff just another fancy term for a sugar-bread ball? Hell no, it isn't, and neither is inbound marketing just a reskin of content marketing. We're discussing a comprehensive methodology that includes content marketing as a strategic component, embracing other facets such as SEO, social media, email marketing, and more.

The Bouncy Relationship between Inbound Marketing and Email Marketing

Email and inbound might at first seem like that couple from the sitcom you love — they bicker, taunt each other but at the end of the day, they make each other better. The integration of inbound has not only redefined but also revitalised the prospects of email marketing. As an avid email user (honestly, who isn't?), I saw first hand how inbound principles visibly altered the content of the emails that landed in my inbox.

A Sneak Peek into Comprehensive Lead Nurturing

Ah, comprehensive lead nurturing, such a fancy term, innit? Believe it or not, it was through a conversation with my barber one day, trying to sell me his new hair gel, that I had my Eureka moment about understanding comprehensive lead nurturing. It’s all about developing relationships with buyers at every stage of the marketing funnel and through the buyer's journey. Before inbound marketing, email marketing was more ‘spray and pray’, but with inbound, it has become more personalised, more focused.

Injecting Persona-based Content into Emails

In the ways inbound marketing has redefined email marketing, the introduction of persona-based content is akin to discovering potato chips in sandwiches. It was such a simple idea, yet sometimes these are the ones that simply revolutionise everything. Through segmenting your audience according to their interests, background, demographics, etc., and sending tailored content to each group, businesses increase conversion rates, build stronger relationships, and honestly, just make the email world a tad bit exciting.

The Crux of Contextual Engagement

The inbound-friendly phrase 'contextual engagement’ kept on showing up in my researches. I initially brushed it off considering it was one of those buzzwords which had more fizz than substance, but how wrong I was! It soon became evident that this wasn’t just fizzy, this was a potent draught powering the transformation of email marketing. Contextual engagement fans the flames of interest within prospective customers, by delivering the right message, at the right time, in the most appropriate manner.

Inbound Marketing: The Proactive Prodigy

If traditional marketing is a blanket, inbound marketing is more like a quilt- intricately designed, each block representing a different strategy, but combined to provide an overall warmth. The addition of proactive steps to understand customer needs and create valuable interactions has ultimately revived email marketing, turning it from a 'nice-to-have' into a 'must-have' asset.

Wrapping Up the Inbound-Email Love Affair

The unison of inbound marketing and email marketing is like baking. Yes, you heard me right. Intricate, exciting, and oh, such a gratifying process! Inbound marketing is essentially the yeast that helps the dough of email marketing rise and bake into a delicious loaf of bread. So, as we munch on the insights and innovations produced by this merger, I leave you with the thought - will there be an ingredient that can enhance this recipe, or has inbound marketing found its perfect match in email marketing?

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